Upsize my Harddrive

Upsize My HD

Source: BBC News Click—Ian Hardy
Storage growth sets a fast pace

How much storage is enough?  That question, in many ways, is equivalent to the query concerning the number of angels able to dance on the head of a pin.  In the real world, where operating systems and software are increasingly playing the role of storage hog, the reasonable answer might be “never!”

Well, take heart, because Ian Hardy reports there’s good news tonight:

  • Hitachi has a new one terabyte (TB) that records perpendicular (as opposed to today’s linear) data bits.
  • Hybrid Storage Alliance will utilize laptop flash chips to store current data in use, allowing the battery-draining hard disk to take a rest.
  • SanDisk, this spring, is producing a 32 GB flash disk.
  • InPhase Technologies $18k system employs a 300 GB holographic storage disk.

Key Quotes: Still the cheapest is the traditional hard drive, which now comes in a new form – this is an external Serial ATA drive – the same kind that sits inside your PC.

This is an improvement because it does not use the slower types of connections your computer supports. SOURCE:


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