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THAILAND: Thailand cancels TV drama after Laos’ protest
Channel 7 cancels soap opera about a Thai-Laotian couple after Laotians brand the show offensive Straits Times
Thursday, February 15, 2007
Bangkok — A top Thai television network has cancelled a planned soap opera about a star-crossed Thai-Laotian couple after Vientiane complained that the show was offensive. The show, called Love Song On Both Sides Of The Mekong, was already being promoted when it was abruptly scrapped by Thailand’s Channel 7 on Tuesday, in the latest cultural spat between the neighbours, a network official said.
Age of convergence ready to bloom in 2007
Korea Times reporter Cho Jin-seo and President of LG Electronics USA John Herrington say digital convergence is changing people’s lives in Korea. Korea Times Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Surf the Web on your mobile phone at broadband speed. Order a pepperoni pizza with a bottle of wine on your living room TV and a remote control. With new gadgets and services combining the functions of the mobile phone, TV, PC and broadband network coming to life this year, consumers will soon reap the benefits of “digital convergence.” Digital convergence is finally arriving. Since the late ’90s, the phrase has been overused by Korean and foreign high-tech companies and consumers didn’t really feel felt that their lives were being affected. But the convergence technologies are finally beginning to transform the way people access digital contents at home, at school and on the street.
INDONESIA: New Criminal Code ‘could limit free speech’
At least 60 new articles would affect freedom of expression, the kinds of information presented by media. 


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