Changing Media Habits of the Millennials

The millennial’s: that elusive, sought after platinum consumer prize is driving traditional media and advertisers a bit crazy. Columnists Jeff Dickey and Jack Sullivan of MediaWeek put it this way: “Gen X, Gen Y and other emerging decision-makers cannot be ‘wished’ back into a 50-year-old media world no longer relevant to their personalities, lifestyles or interests. Using traditional media to reach today’s new decision-makers is as appropriate as thinking one’s dusted leisure suit still has some wear in it. Companies have little choice but to ditch the leisure suit and plunge warily into new venues.”

Messrs. Dickey and Sullivan provide three specific ways of unlocking these interactive generations:

Creativity — “New generations of decision-makers are “digital natives.” Text and graphics are a bigger part of their digital world than audio and video content. Advertising will evolve to deliver dozens of targeted creatives instead of a few “one size fits all” commercials.”
Language — “They use instant messaging as a primary communications vehicle. They have evolved a very different “language,” whereby they communicate in new abbreviations and slang. Marketers must “learn” their language and use it to communicate.”
Formats — “They consider themselves leaders in the adoption of new messaging formats. Marketers must stay close to rapidly changing trends and tendencies.” See for more.


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