A previous article on this blog discussed the various delivery methods for media content – Jesus’ MySpace page, the Singapore young people watching TV on YOUTUBE. In case you do not know, YOUTUBE is an extremely popular internet download site. A global study reports that nearly 40 percent of internet users download and watch videos on the web and — get this — 54 percent of young people want to create or share their own content on the web. “The global study by consultancy Accenture found that audiences want more control over where and when they watch footage, and they want to make more of their own.”

In June of last year YOUTUBE reportedly served 2.5 billion videos to 20 million unique visitors! That represents a 29% share of the US multimedia market!

So, what does that mean for using visual media to reach the lost? Internet services like YOUTUBE are key word driven. People are curious about destiny, life, traveling, etc. The postmodern does not see themselves as “lost” but nonetheless they are curious. Sometime ago I established Some are vids from friends like Platform 6 (4,045 views). The others are student vids. Heartbeat (584 views and 18 downloads), Indifference (363/3), the company’s Tsunami Miracle (2175 views and 33 downloads). My other site hosts vids more oriented to mobilization. For example the PacRim video, Casting the Net has been viewed 91 times and downloaded 5 times, reaching an audience not reached otherwise. One of my former students spent 3 weeks in the Philippines and produced the Nehemiah Teams Video (thus far it has been viewed 283 times and downloaded twice).

What we are talking about is changing media habits. Major international agencies believe that internet access for the poor is a top priority and lost of money is being poured into it. Take a look at in the section titled Multi-Sectoral Community Development for more information. We need to be ahead of the curve in PacRim! DH


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