‘Citizen journalism’ wins hearts and minds

Ohmynews founder discusses the growth his web page
Seoul — Oh Yeon-Ho firmly believes in the slogan that hangs over the door of his office: “Every citizen is a reporter.” It’s a motto that has driven him to create one of the world’s biggest and most influential “citizen journalism” websites, OhmyNews.com, and to build an army of amateur reporters tens of thousands strong. “‘Every citizen is a reporter’ is no longer a slogan but a reality,” Oh, 42, said in a recent interview at his Seoul office. His 50,000 reporters are backed by 80 staff and churn out hundreds of stories in South Korea. Another 3,000 reporters are registered in Japan, plus 2,500 elsewhere, he said.
“The citizen journalism pioneered by OhmyNews in South Korea is changing the paradigm of mass communications where media outlets unilaterally set what the news is and feed it to the general public,” said Kim Byoung-Cheol, a journalism professor at Cyber University of Foreign Studies in Seoul.
“Now, citizens are both the producers and the consumers of the news. The era of elite journalists monopolising the news is over. “Citizen journalism is not a transient phenomenon but a big global trend in line with the blooming democratisation,” he said. If a story becomes really big, up to two million people a day will log onto the site, up from the normal daily traffic of 500,000 to one million hits, Oh said. Amateur journalists produce up to 200 stories each day for OhmyNews, some 80 per cent of the total, and even though they receive relatively little money for their work — up to $20 per article — the stories keep pouring in. Source: http://www.dawn.com.
APPLICATION: While there is not a simple connection between Ohmynews and the Good News, we need to start thinking and planning for the future. Certainly, finding good believing citizen journalists in our countries who would research and write stories for sites like this would be a good first step.


One Response to ‘Citizen journalism’ wins hearts and minds

  1. joshparkthis says:

    I think Citizen Journalism is going to get really huge over the next few months and there’s a few sites out there that are worth using. Ohmynews is good…but I recently signed up at You Scoop It…

    I think their pretty new, but they’ve been gaining ground recently and they make my reports look really professional…very easy to use and I hope they become the flagship for Cit Journalism…


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