If you have ever played one of those ‘SIM’ computer games, such as Sim City, then the concept of Second Life will not be completely foreign to you. It’s a virtual interactive online world, where you assume a persona, and interact with others doing the same thing:

There is obviously therefore the opportunity to share faith in this context, and some Christians have been grabbing the opportunity. For instance, a Christian writing instructor shares: “What I am doing right now, is a monthly meeting for writers of spirituality-based speculative fiction with intriguing titles like ‘Alien Theology: Redemption under a Different Sun.’ It is scheduled the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. Pacific Time at my place 185,39, 68. I hope to attract both Christian and non-Christian writers to maybe discuss theology in the context of science fiction which may be less threatening than a straight forward Bible study.”

Last week launched a church in the virtual world of Second Life. They are not the first church in SL, but they are already having an impact as people from all over the world who wouldn’t step foot in a real church are visiting their virtual church

If you have been sharing your faith in Second Life and have a story to tell, please email Web Evangelism Bulletin –


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