Regional Media News 4/18/07

Blogs celebrate 10th anniversary in Korea
Korea’s blogger population today totals around 13.51 million
Korea saw the birth of its first Web bloggers in 2001, via WIK. Although these early online diarists came later than Dave Winer, a New Yorker who launched the world’s first Weblog Scripting News in 1997, they opened the door to the burgeoning blogging services of Cyworld, Naver, and Daum’s Tistory. WIK is now defunct, but 150 of its members still maintain their own blogs, according to the National Internet Development Agency of Korea.
There are about 13.51 million active bloggers, or 39.6 percent among the 34.12 million internet users in Korea, as of December last year, according to the NIDA. Often called “citizen media,” blogs can offer new insights, and different perspectives than those found in conventional media. For instance, a netizen acted earlier than the state-run natural disaster management center and major broadcasters or newspapers, in reporting strong earthquakes in Gangwon Province earlier this year. He made a real-time reporting of the accident by uploading videos on major blogs and community services.

INDIA: Couple’s interview sparks attack on TV office
Viewers protest broadcast of romance between different religions on television station
Mumbai — The staff of an Indian news channel was attacked on Monday and its offices were ransacked by dozens of Hindu protestors after it broadcast an interview with a runaway couple — a teenage Hindu girl and a young Muslim man. About 50 people attacked the channel’s office in Mumbai, saying the television company was denigrating Hinduism by appearing to promote love between people from different religions. Marriage outside ones own caste, religion and background is frowned upon in much of officially secular, Hindu-dominated India. Romantic liaisons between Hindus and Muslims have sparked riots.

INDONESIA: Faiths unite to condemn video attacking Islam
Video angers both Muslims and Christians

South China Morning Post
Christian and Muslim organisations have condemned a Christian-produced video that reportedly labels Islam “the source of all Indonesia’s ills and a sure pathway to hell”. The VCD was made by a group in Batu, a small town near the city of Malang, East Java, in December. Yet its existence was reported to the authorities only recently. Police investigations show the recording was made using a handycam and then copied onto video-CD format.
A spokesman for the group admitted its existence and apologised profusely for it.

Source: Asia Media News


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