Breaking Out of MySpace

New publishing and social networking tools are testing how creative users want to get online. 
 Some new web sites are hoping Internet users are ready to break out of their MySpace skins. These free, advertising-supported, web-based publishing, social networking, and browsing tools encourage you to create almost anything, all in one place. On Zude, that means you can drag and drop your MySpace and Facebook pages, and give them a whole new look. On ZCubes, you can take a picture from Flickr, draw over it, and place a YouTube video next to it.

The founders of these sites want to fundamentally change the way people use the Internet, ushering in a new level of cyber-expressionism. But without a targeted demographic, it’s not clear whether massive quantities of Internet users are ready for all the creative possibilities coming their way. Take Zude. The browser-within-a-browser, social networking, web-site-building, blogging site launches May 1. With an unlimited slate of blank pages at their disposal, users will be able to drag and drop any web site or element they want, mash them up, add any images, widgets, and video from anywhere on the web and put them anywhere they want on their new pages, which can be public or private, or shared with a small group of people. To top it off, there’s a Digg-like aggregation tool, and a social networking function.
These sites are launching as online self-expression is on the rise. Yankee Group conducted a recent study that found that 9 percent of teens and 3 percent of adults use mashups – tools that combine pieces from different web sites together. That indicates that younger generations are hungry to be more creative online. has a good how to do it article on using Zune.

IMPLICATIONS: Would Jesus have used YouTube or GoogleVideo? In His day he used all the culturally relevant communication methods. But today, would His followers have used their cell phone or inexpensive video camera to shoot and post the feeding of the 5,000, casting out demons, healing or his interaction with children? I posted the Tsumani Miracle video clip on Google Video in mid-summer 2005. Since then it has viewed over 2500 times. Should you have a MySpace or Facebook account? Should you use Zude to create webpages? Should you take your simple video camera and shoot testimonies of converts in your people group and post them as a video. The answer is YES!


One Response to Breaking Out of MySpace

  1. Blane says:

    These articles are very informative. We need this to stay on the cutting edge. We have already had 3 subscribers to our podcast site!

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