Online Video Attracts Six Out of Ten Internet Users Weekly

According to the latest Horowitz Associates report, Broadband Content and Services 2007, six out of ten high speed Internet users watch/download online video content at least once a week and 86% do so on a monthly basis, compared to 45% and 71%, respectively, in the 2006 study.  News and user-generated, non-professional content are the most often viewed genres, followed by movie previews/trailers, music videos, and previews/segments of TV shows.

Weekly viewing of full episodes of television shows doubled from last year, with 16% of high speed Internet users watching TV online on a weekly basis.

NBC and ABC are the networks Internet users mention the most frequently for online TV content, with Grey’s Anatomy being the most often mentioned TV program viewed online.

While consumption of broadband video has grown, the study shows that television is still the preferred platform for traditional TV content:

  • 70% of Internet users who watch TV online say do so because they missed the episode on TV
  • 18% of these respondents say they watch TV shows online to watch them again after having watched them on TV
  • 20%watch TV shows online just when they happen to find them or when someone else tells them about them
  • 13% of Internet users who watch TV shows online say they watch them directly online, and not on regular TV.

For more about this study conducted Sept.-Oct 2007 by Horowitz Associates, please visit here.


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