One Response to Social Networking Sites Going Global

  1. JC says:

    Interesting thoughts about social networking sites. I’m somewhat (but certainly not very) familiar with networks like facebook and myspace, and from what I’ve seen, there are some people who join the “Jesus is Lord” group or put “Christianity/personal relationship with Jesus” as their religion or put their favorite book as “The Bible”, but that is the extent of their showing others what they believe. I’m sure there must be people who have more (i.e. a link to some other website that talks more about JC or just explicitly say on their site the Good News), but if they are out there, it’s hard to find them.

    When I was back in the US in 2006 for a few months, there seemed to be this thought: I will not push my religion or my belief upon other people, so if I go give free water to joggers in the park on Saturdays or help someone with a problem (like a flat tire), then I will not tell them what church I go to or that I’m a Christian. My first response was “what?!” This was being encouraged from the pulpit, and I couldn’t believe how much society’s view of Christian’s activities was affecting the Christian’s view of their own activities. Christians would say: if you go out to help people with the purpose to make sure they know which church you go to or to share the Good News with people, then you’re wrong.

    If someone has this mentality (and I think a lot do), then it will also affect every part of their life, even there social networking site. So, it won’t even be the case that they would like to put stuff on there and don’t, but rather that they think they shouldn’t because it would be too pushy.

    But, as to the how to (your question), first, I think having an example for what people could do would be encouraging to some. Maybe some Christians don’t do it because they’ve never thought about it or maybe because they don’t know what to do? So, when they see an example, maybe some will follow. Maybe someone can develop an example with a few links to videos or presentations, a message, and an email address or chatroom address for people who have legitimate questions. The example may not be followed exactly, but at least it would encourage people to put more than the Bible as their favorite book. Then there could be a group/club for those who do it so they could encourage each other in case they meet any opposition.

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