Korea Media News

Cell phone most desired present among children
SOURCE: Korea Times
The days of a teddy bear, a bike or roller skates are gone — now children’s most wanted Children’s Day present is cellular phone, according to a survey Sunday. The survey recently conducted by a kids’ portal site kids.yahoo.co.kr on some 27,500 children showed that 38 percent of the respondents said they want to receive mobile phones for Children’s Day, which falls today.

Cell phones have been on the top of the list for four consecutive years in the portal’s annual survey. The second most desired item was a Nintendo game console and other game sets at 20 percent, followed by robots at 16 percent, MP3 players with 10 percent, and a computer at 4 percent.

When asked up to what age people are “children,” 43 percent said until they finish elementary school.

Social Networking Embracing Search Engines, Games
SOURCE: Korea Times
The wall between social-networking sites and portals is being taken down.
Online community sites such as Cyworld are evolving to provide Web search and news services on their top pages. At the same time, portals are helping its visitors to form networks via a web of blogs and other online communities.

Cyworld, the largest social networking site in Korea with more than 22 million users, recently revamped its main page. The new outfit has a bigger search window on the top of the screen and a real-time list of most searched keywords on the right side, which has been a trademark of Naver portal.

Web-Surfing Phones Riding High
SOURCE: Korea Times
It’s a bit slow, but it works well enough. Reading e-mail and browsing the Internet via mobile phone have become more enjoyable and convenient than ever, thanks to new technology and clever ideas.

Mobile Internet is the hottest issue among early adopters of technology in Korea. At http://www.cetizen.com, the largest online community of mobile phone users, the three most popular handsets these days are all touch-screen phones specializing in Web browsing ā€” Samsung’s Haptic, Pantech & Curitel’s CanU and LG’s Touch Web Phone.

These so-called full-browsing phones are selling at impressive rates. Samsung says that it has sold around 30,000 Haptic phones in 15 days since its launch on March 25, which is about the double the daily sales of other new models. Its hefty price tag ā€” 797,000 won ($800) without a rebate or a discount ā€” hasn’t been discouraging customers, the company says.


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