Intentionality and the Gospel

As many of you know, the advertising business has made major shifts from traditional mediums like television and print. This is quite similar, of course, to a major dis-enchantment with so-called mainstream media. Advertisers have basically lost the 18-24 year old demographic from TV to web based media like You Tube, Facebook and MySpace to name a few. The number of viewers who will access video online is expected to quadruple in the next few years and reach at least 1 billion worldwide in 2013, according to an ABI Research study. This is of course based on the growth of broadband connections and the fact that traditional TV has lost the younger audience.

So, the pressure is on the advertisers to do more effective research on consumer intent. What behaviors reveal intentionality towards the purchase of a product or service? According to Starcom Mediavest Group, these range from low level behavioral shifts such as a change of attitude towards a brand, to those more directly related to purchasing, such as seeking information, talking to others and visiting a store to ‘experience’ the brand and, hopefully, purchase.

So, the issue is what sort of message do we create? Starcom says that the consumers response to a message can range from consideration, or deep curiosity, to validation (seeking an opinion), expression (giving an opinion) to exploration, perhaps more actively seeking on the web for example.

APPLICATION: How can we use this understanding of consumer behaviour in the planting, sowing and reaping process of the Gospel? I have ideas, but I’d like to hear from you!


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