Korean TV station launches Vietnamese channel

On 14 July South Korea’s KBS Television Station launched a Vietnamese channel with Korean subtitles. The channel is a joint-product of KBS, KT Telecom and the Vietnam Television Station (VTV). This is the first TV channel in Vietnamese with Korean subtitles.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, representatives of KBS and KT group expressed their hope that the new channel would help the community of Vietnamese in South Korea, especially Vietnamese brides, to get access to information in their home country. The Korean subtitles can also help them to learn the Korean language. Meanwhile, the channel can help Koreans get an understanding of Vietnamese culture and society.

Vietnamese Ambassador to South Korea, Pham Tien Van, emphasised that the Vietnamese channel will help strengthen cooperation between the two countries. The channel is part of a project funded by the Korean government, named “For a multicultural society”. Under this project, Vietnam’s VTV will provide KBS TV programmes broadcast on VTV4 channel and KBS will make the Korean subtitles.

Besides programmes provided by VTV, KBS also airs a Korean language teaching programme. In the future, KBS will produce its own shows in Vietnamese. The Korean government will subsidise one year of free subscription for Vietnamese families and the majority of the fees in the subsequent years.

More than 70,000 Vietnamese are living in South Korea, including over 20,000 Vietnamese brides.


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