Online communities and Social Networking

12 Tips for Managing Online Consumer Communities
This article from ZDNet, which follows on the heels of a recent Deloitte, Beeline Labs, and Society for Communications Research study about the word of mouth value in online consumer communities, offers up twelve best-practices for managing these kinds of communities. Some of the tips include: putting the community members first, understanding the differences between online consumer communities and other social media animals, the importance of having community management systems activated, and the importance of finding the right metrics.

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Avoiding the Social Media Ego Trap
This blog post from Peter Kim makes an interesting point about how easy it is to let your social networks — especially online social networks — grow to the point where they are unwieldy instead of useful. Online social networks are extremely valuable for building, strengthening, and maintaining important connections, but allowing them to swell beyond the point of manageability transforms something valuable into a nuisance. To be useful, according to Peter, networks need to have a high “signal-to-noise ration,” and recommends pruning them back when they become cumbersome.

More from Being Peter Kim:

TOMS Shoes: An Inspiring Story Inspires Word of Mouth
This post from the Church of the Customer blog takes a look at how TOMS Shoes has created a great product bursting with WOM-potential. According to the post, the shoes themselves, which were created by former “The Amazing Race” contestant Blake Mycoskie, were inspired by a simple, low-cost shoe he came across in Argentina. Blake linked the shoes to a cause — for every pair sold, a pair is given to shoeless children in third-world countries — and is a natural evangelist for the product, willing to tell the simple, easily spread story about how TOMS came to be to anyone who will listen. According to the post, it’s a perfect recipe for WOM.

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A Who’s-Who of Who’s on Twitter
The Fluent Simplicity blog has a great running log of organizations who currently have active Twitter feeds, including links so you can start following right away. It’s a good snapshot of the scope of companies involved in using microblogging as a way to communicate with consumers.

More from Fluent Simplicity:

Study Uncovers Gender, Age Demographics of Social Net Users
Rapleaf released a multitude of gender and age demographic data for social network users as a follow-up to its “Study of Social Network Users Vs. Age,” which was released back in June. The data, which comes from a study of more than 49.3 million social network users, provides a snapshot of social network users across a variety of platforms and broken into categories based on age, gender, and number of “friends.”

More from Rapleaf:


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