Young Asians

Synovate’s Young Asians annual tracking survey provides credible, relevant information on the media, purchasing and leisure habits of 8 to 24 year-old Asians in 12 countries.

Conducted in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, the survey goes into detail about media consumption and attitudes from childhood to early adulthood.

More time spent online

The survey reveals that the internet is the fastest growing medium for this demographic, with 35% of respondents claiming to have spent more time online in the past year. Looking specifically at MSN/Windows Live users who participated in the survey, over half (55%) claimed to have spent more time online.

Young Asians are online for an average of 2.7 hours each day, which accounts for 28% of their total daily media consumption. Internet users aged 15-24 spend the most time online (6.3 hours a day) while MSN/Windows Live users spend even more time online (7.1 hours).

Growth in internet usage by young Asians appears to have been at the expense of TV, with 30% of respondents saying they now watched less TV.

Staying in touch

Young people love using the internet to communicate with friends. Across the 12 countries surveyed, 2.2 hours were spent on instant messaging each day, followed by social networking activities (1.2 hours) and then email (0.9 hours).

MSN/Windows Live users spend even more time each day communicating online: 3 hours on instant messaging; 1.5 hours on social networking activities and 1.2 hours on email.

Emailing is the top online activity for young Asians who are MSN/Windows Live users, with 81% of them accessing email in the past 30 days. Seventy-five per cent had listened to music online during that period and 70% had downloaded. Using search engines was the fourth most popular activity (67%), followed by instant messaging (66%).

Being online is essential

The internet is an essential medium for young Asians, more popular than all other media. The web’s popularity is even higher among MSN/Windows Live users.


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